Promoting Change

In the Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day dated 9/29/10, they talk about 3 ways to promote change:
a. Model the change through language and behavior.
b. Turn negatives into positives – this can be accomplished with good listening.
c. Find allies to help promote the change.
We have added one more dimension: Use your DISC people reading skills to identify colleague’s behaviors to help them accept change in a positive, safe manner.
When a person can understand another’s behavioral tendencies and approach that person in a way that will make them feel comfortable and they will accomplish much more, FASTER.
For example, when dealing with a person who has a domineering style, approach the need for change quickly and succinctly. When dealing with a person who has a very influencing, outgoing manner, let them know that the change will only enhance the comfort level in the organization. For a person who has a high sense of stability/steadiness, let them know the reasons for the change and that there will be minimal confusion and conflict. The person who has a high need to adhere to established standards and policies will accept change easier when you let them know that all policies, procedures, and controls have been reviewed and the change will be smooth.
Change is inevitable and you can make it easier for others to accept the change. Sharpen your people reading skills TODAY.

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