About Professor Insights

For 33 years Professor Insights has gathered information, ideas and insights… from thousands of people in hundreds of companies in North and South America, Asia and Europe… that help craft “clever solutions for complicated lives.” People from all walks of life, from the board room to the shop floor, have come to respect Professor Insights’ common sense approach to solving problems. In addition to his corporate work, Professor Insights teaches two graduate courses in leadership, inspiring the next generation of business leaders.

Utilizing established on-line assessments, the Professor designs his coaching and training projects to target the problem and creates solutions that are clear, reasonable, effective and easy to understand. Today, the broad accessibility of the web affords Professor Insights the ability to make his solutions available to an even greater number of motivated individuals.

Professor Insights advises, “Keep things simple in this complex world!” His own good advice is still the driving force that has kept Professor Insights himself motivated for all these 33 years, offering “clever solutions for complicated lives.”

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